Unique cycling tours in Spain and Japan


Discover the Best of Japan and Spain on Two Wheels

Welcome to your gateway to unforgettable cycling adventures in two diverse and captivating destinations – Japan and Spain. At Vamos Bike Tours, we invite you to explore the world’s wonders at your own pace, all from the saddle of your trusty bicycle.

Japan: Where Tradition Meets Innovation

In the Land of the Rising Sun, our Japan cycling tours offer you the chance to witness the harmonious blend of ancient traditions and modern innovations. Cycle through historic streets, visit centuries-old temples, and savor the flavors of Japanese cuisine.

Experience the beauty of cherry blossom season, conquer the Japanese Alps, or relax in rejuvenating onsen hot springs. Our local guides are passionate about sharing the culture and hidden gems of Japan.

Spain: A Tapestry of Culture and Scenery

Our Spain cycling tours take you off the beaten path to discover the undiscovered beauty of northern regions of Spain. Explore the lush landscapes of Asturias, experience coastal charm in Cantabria, and pedal through the vineyards of La Rioja. 

 Explore the magnificent Spanish gastronomy. Celebrate the vibrant flavors of Spain, making every stop an epicurean delight with ours tours. Discover the perfect blend of cycling and culinary exploration with us.

Start Your Cycling Journey

Begin your adventure with us and explore the beauty and culture of Japan and Spain in a way that few get to experience. It’s time to embrace the thrill of the open road and discover the hidden gems of these extraordinary destinations. Contact us today to start planning your journey!