6 Ski resorts tour


Sakaemura/Togari Loop

Distance: 50km

Elevation Gain: 600m/700m

We will start with an uphill climb, working all the way to the best view point of Nozawa Onsen at the top of Kandahar. From there, we will keep going up to the base of Paradise through the woods and back to Kandahar on the road. Next, a stunning descent down the back of Nozawa  to Sakemura, our neighbor village. This small place holds the record as the most snow in all of Japan!! Once we get to the bottom of the valley, we’ll arrive at the river and ride alongside it next to the iconic local train railway towards Togari. Time for a quick stop at the river bank before we head back up to Nozawa! Up on through the back road we might encounter some of the wildlife that live in the forest.


Kijimadaira – Mt. Koshe Loop

Distance: 60 km

Elevation Gain: 700m/800m

We will leave Nozawa this time on the main road and swing by Hokyuriko Lake and descend down to the valley (great view all the way down, it is a quiet secondary road). We can explore the villages on this side of the valley and add a few meters to our climb numbers today or keep it easy while we ride along the river bank. Soon we will head up towards Mt. Koshe, a beautiful small pass around the Kijimidaira ski resort and next to Ryuoo park (once we get to Yomase we will have the entire view of Nakano , with Shigakogen on the side and Nagano in the short distance). Riding through local farms where the most famous apples are grown in Japan and some of the best wine too. Quick break at the shrine ——— and headed back to Nozawa on the river bank.


Iiyama – Madarao (& Nozomi Lake) – Togari

Distance: 50 km

Elevation Gain: 700m/900m (Nozomi Lake)

Today we will head straight down to Chikuma river and ride along heading to Iiyama city. We will visit the temple street and the main Shrine to dive in a bit more into Japanese culture before we climb up the Madarao pass. Depending on our legs we will climb all the way to the resort and and have lunch at Nozomi lake, an unbelievable spot to recover from the climb and enjoy quiet nature. From there, we’ll do a huge decent to the bottom of Togari and explore our neighbor resort and the small villages on the other side of the Valley and head back to Nozawa for a relaxing onsen and rest.


Nojiriko Lake / 3 Lakes Loop (Hokyuriko, Nojiri, Nozomi)

Distance: 50 km

Elevation Gain: 700m – Full Loop around lake, finish there.

Beginning with another descent, we will leave Nozawa behind, cross the local lake and head straight down to the Chikuma river towards Iiyama. This time we will explore the end of the city and head up another hill. We will face another gentle climb that leads us to today’s main attraction, the biggest lake in the prefecture, lake Nojiri. We will circle around it on this unique road along the woods right next to the water. Today our trip will finish with a nice ride on the water side of the lake.



Distance: 60 km one way – 1,500 m through Madarao – Nojiriko

Toughest ride of the week ahead. Heading down from Nozawa, we will take the easiest way to get to Iiyama to face our first climb to Madarao or Norijiko ( or vice versa ) and a smoothest last climb towards our destination at the bottom of Myoko where will soak in a local onsen ( outdoor section ) – Akakura –



Distance: 60 km / 80km 

Elevation Gain: 700m / 1,500m

Two options for this route  depending on whether we jump on the Nagasaka gondola and skip the first climb and we start riding form the base of Yamabiko or if you still haven’t full filled your climbing needs we start riding from the base of the gondola and we ascent to the top of MT.Kenashi . From there a rolling road along the back of Nozawa towards Shigakogen and come back around Jigokudani and maybe some monkeys soaking in the onsen .


There is an option for a day on the mountain bike and experience some of the trails in Nozawa Onsen , around its bike park and thru the trails in the area for the ones .

Also , around the area there is several Golf courses where you can enjoy another Japanese experience on a different “green”.

There is water activities on a lake we can arrange as well such as wakeboard or SUP .

Important information

3,300€ per person.

The tour dates will be from late August to mid-September.

Based on a minimum of 4 customers and a double occupancy room. Single room ask for quote. E-bike has extra cost.

What’s included

  • Fully-serviced road bike or hybrid bike, with helmet and accessories. Please note there is an additional fee for an e-bike; please inquire in advance to reserve
  • All accommodations and meals during your tour
  • Snack and hydration stops on each day’s ride
  • Luggage delivery
  • Support and gear vehicle
  • Expert guides ( local knowledge ) 

Not included

  • Airfare
  • Transportation to and from the tour ( ask for quotation )
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Travel protection

Tokyo will be the nearest option with less than 2 hours on a bullet train (Shinkansen) from Tokyo station to Iiyama  (Plus the connection from the airport either Haneda or Narita to the city). Then a gentle  20 min ride thru the countryside to Nozawa (car/bus).