Welcome to Vamos Bike Tours, where we are passionate about creating extraordinary cycling tours that showcase the authentic beauty and culture of Spain and Japan. Our mission is to offer you a unique and genuine experience, far from the typical tourist routes, and instead, immerse you in the heart of these captivating countries from a local perspective.

Cycling is our passion

In Spain, we take you on an unforgettable journey that goes beyond the well-trodden paths. Discover the true essence of this magnificent country as we cycle along peaceful and traffic-free roads, surrounded by breathtaking natural landscapes. From the rugged cliffs along the north coast to the serene sanctuaries hidden in the heart of the country, every pedal stroke brings you closer to the soul of Spain.

Our tours in Spain are not just about cycling; they are a celebration of the Spanish way of life. Savor the authentic flavors of Spanish gastronomy, embrace the traditions and habits of the locals, and forge meaningful connections with the people and places we encounter. With almost two decades of customer service experience, we are committed to providing you with a seamless and immersive experience, where every detail is crafted with care and honest.

Meanwhile, in Japan, we invite you to explore the mesmerizing beauty of Nozawa Onsen and its surrounding areas, a ski town located on the northern edge of the Japanese Alps. In this serene setting, away from bustling crowds, we offer you the chance to discover Japan during its less-explored seasons. Whether amidst the lush greenery of spring and summer or the awe-inspiring autumn colors, our cycling tours provide an intimate connection with nature.



At Vamos BikeTours, we are rooted in both countries, having spent years exploring their wonders and building genuine relationships with local communities. Our knowledge and understanding of the regions enable us to provide an alternative experience, far from the beaten path, where authenticity and humility guide every aspect of your journey.

We take pride in our commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. By choosing cycling as our mode of transport, we embrace a greener and eco-friendly approach, leaving a minimal impact on the environment we cherish. Our tours are designed to encourage cultural exchange, fostering mutual respect and understanding between travelers and the locals.

At the heart of our company’s spirit lies a genuine passion for these incredible countries, their cultures, and their people. With humility and honesty, we invite you to join us on a journey that will awaken your senses, enrich your soul, and leave you with cherished memories that last a lifetime.

Together, let’s venture beyond the ordinary, embrace the magic of the moment, and create an experience that celebrates the true essence of Spain and Japan – one pedal stroke at a time. Welcome to Vamos Bike Tours, where unforgettable adventures await, and the spirit of exploration thrives!